Weight Lifting Workout - List of Post & Pre Workout Foods That Help in Bodybuilding

Published: 05th November 2009
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Weight Lifting Workout

Nutrition plays a serious role in muscle building. You should maintain a good diet regime for increasing your muscle mass with ease. Muscle building foods include carbohydrates, fats and protein. You should preferably take more tiny meals daily for incrementing your metabolism that afterward supports in burning fats in your body. One should also drink 10-12 glasses of water daily for maintaining the person temperature.

List Of Post & Pre Workout Foods That Help In Bodybuilding

Complex carbohydrates

* Bread
* Brown rice
* Potatoes
* Bagel
* Pasta
* Cereal

These are muscle building food and helps in providing energy to your muscles. Complex carbs releases energy slowly unlike juices, energy drinks etc. You should also include protein in your post workout diet, as they are the building blocks of our body.

Weight Lifting Workout

Some of the most efficient protein foods are as follows:

* Chicken breast
* Egg whites
* Turkey
* Cottage cheese
* Yogurt
* Tuna

You should also include protein supplements in your diet for attaining instant energy. Your post workout meal should also have fats such as:

* Flaxseed oil
* Olive oil
* Cod liver oil

You can easily drink protein shakes before and after your workouts. It is advisable to have light meal before workouts.

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